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One of my Paternal Great-grandfathers was a designer, baker, and decorator of cakes in Germany. When he and my Great-grandmother emigrated to the US in the late 1800’s, they brought their recipes and some of their equipment along with them. Those recipes and equipment somehow ended up with my Mother! ­ and she shared them with me. In addition, my Maternal Grandmother was taught to bake by a French pastry chef. She, in turn, tried to teach me when I was 5 years old! Apparently, something stuck.

As a child, I had a small Betty Crocker electric oven ­ no, not an Easy Bake with a light bulb for heat, a real electric oven ­ and did quite a bit of baking in miniature baking pans and tins. Back then, Betty Crocker put out a line of miniature cake mixes that fit their miniature bake ware.

Growing up in Northern New Jersey in a multi-cultural area (and being from a diverse ethnic background myself); I came in contact with many different groups of people who not only became my friends but taught me their style (and sometimes their secrets) of baking and cooking. I was exposed to Italian, French, Spanish, Scottish, British, and German cuisines. Wish I also spoke the languages!

During my stint with a major airline, I was always “forced” to volunteer my baking for many of our internal events. Not to sound immodest -- my “fans” are now located around the globe. My wonderful husband (of over 30+ years and counting) loves Desserts. He inspired me to try to create new recipes, which have been enjoyed by many for quite some time.

My life changed when we moved from NYC to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Being in the country with more time to enjoy nature, I reinvented my recipes and am now beginning a new chapter… WeWantDessert.com has been born! It is also our web site. PLEASE tell your friends!

We want to hear from all of our New Customers. Please let us know what your favorites are. If you want something we do not have, tell us about it. We would love to hear from you all.

Jeanie Kurzrok

Baked to Order ~ Hand Packed ~ Made in the USA

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